Tropical Fruit Trading, Inc. is a provider of fresh fruits and logistics management services to small and high-volume customers around the world. Our services include:

  • Sourcing fresh conventional and organic bananas and other tropical fruits directly from our own plantations and from associated growers
  • Maintaining the quality standards specified by the customer
  • Managing peripheral costs and expenses and reflecting those savings in our fruit’s price, thereby giving you a competitive advantage
  • Enforcement of strict ethical responsibility philosophies and guidelines to our suppliers, including fair labor standards, child labor laws and the promotion and support of local charitable projects

How We Started

Javier Naranjo, our founder, got an early start in the banana trade. Since his early childhood, he was exposed to the daily routines and functions of growing banana production.

After attending college in the US, he returned to Ecuador in the mid-seventies and worked under the direct supervision of Mr. Segundo Wong, the late founder of Favorita Trading Co. In this early stage, the company focused on sales and trading of bananas to Eastern European markets. In 1977 Mr. Wong founded Reybanpac, together with Mr. Naranjo, who initially was in charge of sourcing fruits and supervising the loading operations at the various ports. Subsequently, Mr. Naranjo managed the in-house sales of the company to Eastern European markets such as Poland, the then-Soviet Union, East Germany and Italy.

Mr. Naranjo moved back to the US in the mid-eighties to explore opportunities in US markets. That led to his direct involvement in the ocean freight and logistics management portion of the business, procuring the shipping and freight contracts necessary to effectively serve the banana exporting functions of Reybanpac and the import of fertilizers to Ecuador. Subsequently, Mr. Naranjo developed a de-facto long-lasting joint venture with Reybanpac in the Portuguese and Saudi markets.

Who We Are Today

Today Tropical Fruit Trading, Inc. maintains a growing and successful presence in the US as well as in the European, Saudi, Egyptian and Russian markets, selling under brands such as Favorita, Sharbatly, Dulcita, OK Banana, EBN, Unifrutti, Global Fruits, and King Banana; to customers ranging from Costco in the US to small jobbers in Russian and the Middle East.

Tropical’s core business is the full-service sale of conventional and organic bananas, on a smaller scale plantains, pineapples, papaya, mango, lemons and avocado grown in Ecuador and Peru, all directly-sourced and quality-controlled by our staff in the country of origin.

With the growth and development of its Miami-based operation, Tropical is able to provide and manage cost-effective logistics services to expedite and control the processes and the delivery of its fruits to its customers throughout the world.

Our operation is supported by highly experienced staff. Dale Gomez, our Director of Logistics with over 40 years in the logistics and distribution services manages all transportation requirements worldwide. We also have a staff of agronomists in Ecuador and Peru assuring quality at the source.

Our team of experts is here to help Tropical Fruit Trading grow our business in order to provide our clients with the best quality and volume of products they need.

Our team

  • Tropical Fruit Trading Inc – Javier Naranjo – President

    Javier Naranjo

  • Tropical Fruit Trading Inc – Priscilla Landivar – Office Manager

    Priscilla Landivar
    Office Manager

  • Tropical Fruit Trading Inc – Martha Sarmiento – Book-keeping

    Martha Sarmiento

  •  Tropical Fruit Trading Inc – Claudia Ruiz – Logistics

    Claudia Ruiz

  • Tropical Fruit Trading Inc – Dale Gomez – Logistics

    Dale Gomez

  • Tropical Fruit Trading Inc – Gabriel Amador – Logistics Ecuador

    Gabriel Amador
    Logistics Ecuador

  • Tropical Fruit Trading Inc – Gustavo Amador – Ecuador GM

    Gustavo Amador
    Ecuador GM